Hey Mum! I’m in Pisa!

You know, the guidebooks all tell you that Pisa is only a day trip. It’s somewhere you quickly pop over to while you’re in Florence just so you can take photos trying to high-five the Leaning Tower. It only has the one thing. You don’t need to be there for more than a few hours.

But you know what? THEY’RE ALL WRONG.

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Hey Mum! I’m in Florence!

And, as you can expect, I’m positively giddy.
It’s been a sort of running joke for some time. I’ll quit my studies and run away to Florence to become an impoverished bohemian writer. By day I would sit upon my European balcony, drinking Italian espresso, typing supreme words of wisdom and intellect. By night, I would drink cheap Italian wine, batting away charming Italian men with a stick…

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