Thoughts on cheap travel and airfares

So, I’m quickly learning what websites to go to for travel deals. Unfortunately, I haven’t booked anything – we’re waiting for Hendy to actually start work and test the waters in terms of what he can get away with in terms of leave (#kiddingnotkidding) but I’ve been looking. Oh boy I’ve been looking.

It’s actually overwhelming. I mean, where do I start? When you are travelling around in only six weeks with the ability to move from place to place, you have to make some firm decisions, and plan around a route that will give you the best bang for your buck. But when you are based in one city of an indeterminate amount of time with thousands of holiday destinations to chose from, I’m frozen with indecision!

Since I can’t actually book anything anyway, I’m now just making an ultimate list of all the places I want to go. I’m hoping from there I can just pair up flight/train deals or trips with friends to start making some god damn travel choices.

These are the wonderful websites I’ve been following. If you know of any other goodies, let me know! I’ll also take advice on people’s favourite European experiences.

– Skyscanner

– Flexibles

– Eurolines

– Rio 2 Rome


– Expedia

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