Tips and Tricks on the Bestätigung der Meldung

AKA your address registration.

If you are spending significant time in Austria, especially if you’re living and working here, you need to register your place of residence with the government.

It’s scary filling out a big official document, but if you don’t fill it out within three days of moving into your apartment/home, you could be fined. So, get to it! Besides, this should be a cake-walk after moving countries, finding an apartment and a job in the first place.

No? Well, don’t go hiding under the covers yet. Here are some quick tricks.

1. Make sure you have a copy of the Meldezettel form with your Lease Agreement. Otherwise go back and ask the agent. If they are being especially difficult, then it can be downloaded at this website (as at 11 May 2018.) Make sure you get the right form – apparently there is an older one floating around but it has been recently updated. If you download it yourself, you will still need to have it signed by your new landlord/leasing agency.

2. “But it’s in German!” You may exclaim. Well, don’t forget my new best friend Google Translate who helped us get through it all. Otherwise, don’t worry, you’ll be able to obtain an English version from the Magistrate. However, you’ll still need to fill out the German form.

3. Fill as much of it out before you head off the to Magistrate office. This will keep your stress levels down if you have your ducks in a row. Be sure to also bring your passport and your lease agreement.

4. The office is at:

Magistrat Wien – MBA f.d. 22 Bezirk
1222 Wien

This isn’t far from the main Donau shopping centre. Find Schrödinger Platz, enter it and it is the big building on your left with the Donaustadt crest. The main entrance is pretty easy to spot.

When you go in, go straight to the information area (it’s signposted in both English and German so you can breathe easy). Go up to the information desk, tell the nice lady/man that you wish to register your address (show them the Meldezettel if something gets lost in translation), they’ll ask you to take a ticket from the wee machine. You then go out of the room again and straight ahead to the waiting room.

We only had to wait about 10min for our ticket to be called which seemed to surprise all the other Austrian’s we talked to.

When your ticket is called GO BACK INTO THE INFORMATION OFFICE. The “room numbers” correspond to the many desks strewn around that room. That took us far to long to figure out.

You will be given your registration on the spot.

5. If you are stuck, ask for help. The person on the information desk seems to speak very good English and almost seem to feel sorry for us bumbling foreigners with our very weird accents.

While this is an official document, and vital for you to have, it’s pretty straight forward to obtain. Just show up prepared. You’ll be sweet.

And don’t take this blog post for legal advice. Jesus, if you’re taking legal advice from random blog posts you have found on the internet, you probably need a lot more help than how to fill out a Meldezettel. If you need legal advice then go- go hire a lawyer for pity sake. I know they charge a lot, but let me tell you, that degree is expensive… ….
Signed, an ex-lawyer still paying off her student loan.

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