Hey Mum! I’m in Vienna!

[10/04/2018 21:02 Our flat]

You may have figured that out by now.

We’ve been here a week now and have begun settling in. Sorry it’s taken me this long to write to you. Bad daughter.

Slowly but surely we have begun to explore out little corner of European bliss. Our apartment is about a block away from the Donau (Danube) and about a 10min walk from the train station. It’s a working class area with good, solid apartments painted in either a form of biege or in the most garish colours you can think of. It’s not an old part of the city, but it would be considered old by Christchurch standards. Every so often you walk past a building with a chunk of plaster missing, exposing the brickwork below. I might be thousands of km away from a decent earthquake, but it will forever unnerve me to be surrounded by brick.

The roads are narrow and paved. It’s a very high-density living area which means we have about three supermarkets near by, a good-sized pharmacy and a few eateries. To date we have only tried the pizza place on the corner of our street which hails itself to be the best pizza in town! It’s certainly the best pizza I have had in town!

If you continue in the same direction, you will soon run into the major park along the Donau. It is very pretty – lush and green with tree-lined walkways, playgrounds, picnic areas, a dog park, and people sunbathing on the slope down to the river. I guess it’s the closest thing to a beach they have in here. I’ve gone from an island in the middle of the Pacific to a land-locked country in the middle of Europe.

Apparently loads of people swim in it. Swimming in a river just seems like such a foreign concept to me now. Isn’t is full of cow shit?

As you walk down the river, you can see this colossal cathedral towering over the district. I have yet to determine what it is yet, but one day I’ll make the pilgrimage. It seems to be the only grand gothic structure in the area (I’m learning that you often can’t turn a corner in this city without running into another grand gothic church), with the other churches we have come across around us being positively modest. I mean, they still look like cathedrals to me, but modest compared to some of the others you’ll see in town.

Around by the train station, which is the other area I spend most of my time, there is a nice bakery where we often by bread and a generic ‘Asian’ restaurant that did serve us some surprisingly good sushi on our first night. Around the train station are the UN buildings and the giant PWC building which stands like a modern black monolith. Fortunately, it is so distinctive a skyscraper that it tends to act as our point of reference when we go our exploring.

Sorry about the lack of photos. My walks have been more like trudges as I recover from my Plane Flu. Promise I’ll add more pictures next time… but probably not less text.

Love you!


Teeny tiny church
Local catholics

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