Thinking of NZ during NZ Music Month and other thoughts

Even with Plane Flu, it’s been very hard to remain inside. The big wide world just seems so much more exciting when you’re not confined to a little island at the bottom of the pacific.

And New Zealand really is only a tiny island at the bottom of the pacific. So insignificant that it is heartbreaking how many maps we are left off. Or even just tacked on as an afterthought.

I mean, really? REALLY?

But Plane flu has finally caught up with me for real and today I’m shut inside my flat surrounded in tissues and lemon and honey, writing bits and bobs in between rounds of Minecraft.

Now while I’ve been stuck inside coughing phlegm and mining crafts, it has given me a little too much time to think. Slowly, the Homesick Tick has been working its way into my ear as it slowly sinks in that it will be at least six months before I see most of you losers.

To combat this, I’ve been reading the news (not that I like to brag) and was reminded that it is indeed May which means, back home, it’s NZ Music Month.

Usually this isn’t really something I celebrate, but it seemed like a good excuse to make a playlist. Really, I just wanted to copy Jacinda.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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