Hey Mum! I‘m in Sydney! (5)

[16/04/2018 18:32 Sydney to Christchurch]

Final day.

Thank god.

If I have to walk another god damn step…

I was dragged out of bed one last time to grab breakfast down at Cafe Roma where I had my avocados just as I like ’em – smashed to hell.

In theory we were to have a quiet day as the plane leaves at 5pm. Hendy wanted to visit the Sydney Observatory before we left. In reality, this meant walking along the Rocks and across to Observatory Hill from Circular Quay, which is a good 15min walk, then along to Barangaroo Reserve.

The observatory building itself has been standing there since 1782. It is a beautiful old stone creature that has been used for many things over the years, but always playing a roll in weather and time mapping. It’s original purpose was to record time for the ships, which it did using the time-ball mounted on the top of the main building. It’s still active today, but was undergoing restoration while we were there.

Otherwise, the observatory nowadays functions as a museum on the history of stargazing and Sydney weather. It’s quite neat, if you’re into that sort of thing. Even if you’re not, it’s still neat. Otherwise it’s, you know, short. And free. So you won’t be stuck there for long.

The grounds of the observatory are really pretty with a view of the other side of the harbour. From there, it’s a quick walk over Barangaroo park, a man-made brand new reserve built on the ruins of an old shipyard using the same handmade sandstone bricks. There is a sense of man-made beauty to it, connected to the extreme wealth that permeates the rest of the area. The new Barangaroo also has three new HSBC high-rises with well-to-do restaurants and retail on the ground floor. The area is teeming with suits, and in comes us in our scruffy travel gear, hauling backpacks.

We sat down at Pho Mo for lunch with Buttons and Harrie. The food was really tasty and the menu full of puns. It was a little on the expensive side, (although not overpriced) but what could be expected given where we were.

Tired and sore, that was us done. We walked back to the Circular Quay train station via the pretty Diamond Harbour. By the time I was finally on the train, I had never been so happy to put my feet up.

See you later.

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