Hey Mum! I’m in Sydney (4)

[15/04/2018 16:54 Manly Ferry]

Morning! Since we were still so full we could barely walk, we had a pretty light breakfast at the very cute and hip Moustache. I just had a croissant, but they had a Thai breakfast that looked quite tasty.

Catching the ferry to Circular Quay, we headed to the South East of Sydney, back to my old stomping ground. The Bondi to Coogee (or in our case, Coogee to Bondi) was one of my favourite walks when I was living in the city and I wanted to show it off.

To avoid walking up and down unnecessary hills, we started the walk at Coogee beach, The walk takes you around the headlands and onto the beautiful east beaches which are varied and stunning. With the natural limestone formations around the coast, it is a dramatic landscape, broken up by the occasional tourist town and by a large marble cemetery covered in huge garish sculptures with a spectacular sea view.

Bondi is famous in its own right, and if you are a fan but would love something less crowded, I recommend visiting its smaller, but no less beautiful cousin Coogee. Alternatively, there are about five completely different looking bays round the walk. The walk itself takes about two hours. And I hope you like stairs.

After the walk, we bused back to Circular Quay to wander down to the Sydney Opera House.

It is difficult to convey how beautiful the building really is until you’ve seen it for yourself. For starters, it is huge – bigger than you’d guess for what is really just a theatre. The white sales are not painted, but are made by a mosaic of white tiles. It’s also not just one building, but four. Curved and designed in a way that you can’t tell unless you are up close. Stairs surround the building, until you sit high enough to appreciate the view of the harbour and harbour bridge.

Once we had taken all of the necessary photos, we headed back to the ferry. Hendy and I are making our way back to Manly to get changed, before returning to Circular Quay to catch another ferry over to Luna Park. Any other day this would be ridiculously expensive, but on Sundays, you only pay a maximum of $8 for transport on your Opal card. In our case, this got us to Circular Quay, and everything has been free ever since. Otherwise, you will need to be more organised than we were – ferry fees can really start to wrack up.

The manly ferry is about to dock. I’ll give you another bell after Luna Park if I don’t fall asleep on the rides before then.

[15/04/2018 23:10 Manly Bunkhouse]

Woohoo! Oh my gosh I love amusement parks. I want every day to be an amusement park. We don’t have rollercoasters freely available in New Zealand except for the slightly average (not that I’ve ever been) Rainbows End. When I was about 13 we went as a family to the Gold Coast – Dreamworld, Wet and Wild, Sea World and Movie World. I loved it then, but age has only increased my love of going super duper fast.

If you can make it past the terrifying clown-face gate, you will be awarded with a gorgeous 1930s themed amusement park that looks like it’s been pulled straight from the glory days of Coney Island. The music is all mixes of Hollywood musicals and 1930s classics. The artwork is bright and cartoonish and the rides and games look like they haven’t changed much since the park first opened (except for the fresh coats of paint and maintenance). If you love vintage, you will love this place.

The rides themselves are pretty good. The ferries wheel is a good size and takes you on a view of the park and surrounding harbour, although I was a little grumpy that I couldn’t take my cotton candy on board. Isn’t that what just is done!?

Otherwise, I would recommend the rollercoaster and the Tango. They suit my style of rides – goes really fast but doesn’t go up and down in a way that purposefully tries to empty my stomach. Unfortunately, my motion sickness limits what I actually can enjoy.

The other fun part is Coney Island, where there is an incredible old-school pinball and arcade collection (and I mean so old school they literally only have bells and whistles.) and big slides, which are so much fun if you like that kind of thing.

Only downside is Hendy failed at winning me a prize, so I’ll be looking for a new man in Vienna.

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