Hey Mum! I’m in Sydney (3)

[14/04/2018 9:08 Manly Bakery]

We are sitting opposite the Manly Bakery down The Corsa, coffee and pastries in hand. Breakfast this morning is at the Manly Bakery, with coffee over at Barefoot Coffee Traders around the corner. The coffee is ok (you know, not something to write home about… even though I kind of am… but not something to spit out over the pavement) but the pastries are brilliant. $2 for a ham and tomato croissant as big as your fist with wonderful flakey pastry. About $3.50 for a danish, with filling a thumbs-width deep. Nothing overly fancy but just wonderfully cheap and tasty.

Behind us, everyone is setting up for the Manly market. There are a few stalls that sell some interesting things, but the rest is little kitschy for my taste. At the moment it is so loud we can’t hear ourselves – above our heads cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets are swarking at each other and the noise is tremendous. Walking through the suburbs of Manly, you see cockatoos sitting on the wires, and on the railings of balconies. Given the videos of pet cockatoos I’ve seen on YouTube, I’m amazed that Manly has not simply been destroyed by the little shits.

Buttons is a member of a car share programme, so we are going to pick up a car after this and go for a drive, which after all this walking will be a fucking luxury.

[14/04/2018 14:18 Manly Beach]

It’s 30 degrees. We have hired a lounger and an umbrella to sleep on Manly Beach, because no one (except Australians) can survive sunbathing under a grill.

After breakfast, we drove up to North Head to take a small circular tour, checking out pretty views and some low-key Australian native bush. The walk only takes you about 30min, which is about as much as I could handle in the heat.

With plenty of time still on the car, we opted to get back in and drive over to Balgowlah Heights and walk down to the little 1910s lighthouse Grotto Point. This time the bush walk was a step up as we clambered over a pretty rough trail and through grass as Buttons calls to us to watch out for long grass as it might have tics.

Even the grass is trying to kill you.

But we survived to tell the tale although my feet are a little worse for wear. We decided to drop the car off and part ways. Hendy and I popped down to Movenpick for another ice cream and I’ve picked up my iconic Manly Longboard Company t’shirt. We are now snoozing the afternoon away on the beach and, although Hendy wants to snorkel later, I’m hoping we don’t ever wake up.

[14/04/2018 23:01 Manly Bunkhouse]

It was Hendy’s birthday today, by the way, and we celebrated at an Argentinian BBQ place on Manly Wharf called Papa Chulo. Unfortunately, I hear they’re about to gut it out and turn it into an Asian-fusion restaurant so this might be one of the last chances to try this particular menu. But if you know of anyone who needs to find a place to eat in Manly – send them there as soon as possible.

Particularly, eat the meat plate. You might nearly die of meat sweats, but it just has to be done. One of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had.

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