Hey Mum! I’m in Sydney! (2)

[13/04/2018 9:30 Jellyfish, Manly]

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

I love me a good zoo. It’s a controversial opinion – when you boil it down, I’m essentially saying that I love looking at animals in cages, which to even think about is making my heart weep. But it’s exciting interacting with animals that you would otherwise never ever be able to see in anything except a nature documentary.

I love animals. It’s a problem. I am the person who would adopt any small animal that came to me in crisis. I love dogs, cats, frogs, fish, seals, sheep, giraffes, elephants, mice, geckos, snakes, and can even recognise the appeal of a spider or other insects (although my love for them is a little limited).

The only exception is horses. Like, race horses – the kind you ride. Can’t trust the fuckers.

But before we get there, we’re having a fantastic breakfast at the Jellyfish, opposite Manly Beach. It’s an open air cafe so you can sit out the front and watch the tourists walk past. In front of me is a half decent long black and a tasty avocado smash. Menu is good, service is good. A+.

Hendy, Buttons and smashed avo

[13/04/2018 13:24 Taronga Zoo cafe]

After breakfast we went for a walk along the beach and over the headland to the next beach along – Shelly Beach. The walk is currently being upgraded but even in its current form it is very pretty and obviously popular. If you keep your eyes peeled you can see lizards sunning themselves on the rocks. The beach itself is apparently very good for snorkeling but unfortunately we have other things to do.

We managed to catch the ferry directly from Manly by buying combo tickets for the ferry and zoo which cost $55 AUD. Otherwise, you can also catch a ferry from Circular Quay. From the Taronga zoo dock you can then take the gondola up to the zoo, which will also give you a neat view of the harbour.

This love for animals and zoos has me going to a zoo or aquarium or any animal sanctuary any chance I can get. I have been to Taronga zoo in Sydney before – I went when I was living in the city for a few months and a friend came to stay. That was almost five years ago now, and the zoo has transformed considerably but it remains a world class zoo with beautiful exhibits. And I’d know – I’ve been to a fuck load of zoos.

Some of the highlights include:

– Platypus.

– Wombat. This time he was asleep and looked like a soccer ball with a mouth.

– Red Panda. No zoo is complete without one.

– Baby elephant ❤

– Birds. Lots of birds.

– Tigers.

– Sugar gliders. Go god damn cute.

– Penguins (Pengwengs).

– Sun bear. Rawr.

Currently having lunch at the zoo cafe. It’s pretty overpriced – I’d recommend bringing your own snacks. You may also want to find a place to eat away from the main dining area to avoid being eyed by bush turkeys and bin chickens (Ibis).

After the zoo we’re going to Button’s place for dinner. He lives up in Manly Vale, not far from the backpackers. Unfortunately, that just means more walking.

Walk to Shelly Beach

[13/04/2018 23:22 Manly Bunkhouse]

I’m shattered but wanted to share my possum experience.

Walking home, we ran into a possum family hanging out by a park. There was one just wondering around the footpath, it’s big eyes and cute little nose turned up at us curiously. It started walking towards us and Hendy had to step out of the way otherwise it would have shot up his leg.

Movement caught my eye and I realised there was an equally cute fuzzy marsupial staring at me only a handspan away. Now, we have possums in New Zealand. The same species too. But ours are bigger, fluffier and a lot shyer. These ones do not give a damn. If I didn’t fear a possum bite, I would’ve reached out and petted it.

I guess we’re positively harmless compared to what these things are used to.

Cheeky little shit

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