Hey Mum! I’m in Sydney!

[12/04/2018 18:45 Manly Ferry]

I know what you’re thinking. Wait, what? I thought you were going to Austria.

Still am. But thought we’d have a quick holiday first. Can’t say work was overly thrilled when I asked for some time off. But what were they going to do, fire me?

Job security is a wonderful thing.

We’re here visiting a close friend of mine, as well as introducing Hendy to a whole new city. Said friend lives out in Manly, which is a wealthier suburb over the Harbour Bridge to the north-east. Technically he lives in Manly Vale, which is only a half-an-hour walk to the wharf.

We’re staying at the Manly Bunkhouse. To get there from their airport, you run from one end of the terminal to the other, down the stairs, and jump on the airport link train that takes you out to Circular Quay in 13 minutes for $18.50 AUD. You can pick up an Opal card for most of your travel needs at the station which will help you get around too. Charge it up – ferries and trains cost a pretty penny. The buses are a bit cheaper. The trains seem to run every 10min or so, so you won’t have to wait around long.

From there, we caught the Manly Ferry – a great big metal hunk that seems to only just float – to Manly Wharf. It’s worth it just for the ride – we just passed the beautifully lit Sydney Opera House which is a building worth its hype. It’s hard to find a building so unique and striking, rising out of the sea with its sails reaching up to the sky. At this time of night, the harbour is quiet but for the rumble of the ferry. You can’t see the stars in the sky, but the inky blackness is punctured by the lights of the city, sliced by the occasional lighthouse.

The heat is almost overwhelming after flying out of 6 degree weather (that’s 6 degrees Celsius for the Americans. Sorry). The sea breeze is positively luxurious. In another twenty minutes or so we’ll be meeting up with Buttons and Harrie to wander down to our backpackers and head out to dinner. It’s been a long time – can’t wait to see them!

[12/04/2018 23:08 Manly Bunkhouse]

This place is a little average. No air-conditioning (although they did put a fan in the bedroom thank God), poor water pressure, average amenities and the bed is about as hard as a concrete slab. It is fortunately only for a few days.

Buttons and Harrie took us to Daniel San for dinner – an awesome Asian-fusion restaurant not far from the Manly Beach. And I’m talking Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai – the broad spectrum of Asian influenced flavours. Really tasty.

It also gave us the chance to wander the beach at night. The picnic tables are full a young locals drinking in front of the ‘no drinking’ signs. The odd light permanently flickers like a rave, marking checkpoints for the joggers running past. It’s an alive place, even at nine o’clock on a Thursday night. The warm weather encourages everyone out to the streets, whereas back in Christchurch everyone would be curled up in the homes.

Food was great – they have a great cocktail range and possibly the best fried rice I have ever had. The fried rice had edamame in it, which we can all appreciate is a fine bean.

We finished dinner off with dessert at Movenpick where I had a scoop of the mint chocolate with great big slabs of Swiss dark chocolate in it. Ben and Jerrys eat your heart out.

It feels like 1am for us, so I’m heading to bed. We have to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow in order to get breakfast and go to the zoo.

This trip may kill me.

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