The Journey Begins!

Oddly enough, wordpress’ default first post title is fitting. So let’s start there.

The journey begins!

Actually, the journey began about six months ago when my partner Hendy (he’ll be making a common appearance in these posts so you may as well get used to him now) said:

“I have a job interview with a tech company in Austria.”

That’s the German-speaking Austria, not the Kangaroo speaking Australia. Which is quite a lot further when you’re from New Zealand.

You know, New Zealand? Island at the bottom of the Pacific? Maori culture? Love our cricket and rugby? Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings? Home of Lorde and Lorde’s eyebrows? What about half the cast of Thor: Ragnarok?

No, not him. We’re the other half. The less sexy half.

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, so as you probably guessed before I started rambling, Hendy stumbled through the second interview and was hired. So, two kiwis (NZ slang for NZers) are packing up all our worldly possessions into a few suitcases and moving our lives to the other side of the world.

The journey technically started when he told me he got the job. We’re actually a few months into the journey now. Visa has been acquired, about 90% of our stuff has been sold, notice has been given at work and we’re now staring down the barrel. We fly out 2 May 2018. That’s less than a month away. Woah.

So welcome to part way through the journey. Sorry I’m late.

You might want to know a little bit about the format of the blog. If that’s what this is? I guess it’s a blog. I don’t really know – can’t say I’ve blogged before. But it’ll be a combination of things. Photos, mementos, thoughts, letters to my mum.

This is the Amazing Flying Kiwi.

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